The Reading Art Conference

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The final event of the project was a two-day conference, which took place at BMAG at the end of May. Over 60 people attended over the two days, and we had 27 speakers from all over the world, plus two excellent keynote speakers: Professor John Holmes (University of Birmingham) and Dr Dinah Roe (Oxford Brookes). I’m happy to say that the event was a great success: as well as a range of fascinating and varied papers which really brought out some exciting aspects of Pre-Raphaelitism, we also had a wonderful tour of the stained glass windows by Burne-Jones in St Philip’s Cathedral, and a really outstanding reading of Pre-Raphaelite inspired poetry by the Pre-Raphaelite Society’s poet in residence, Sarah Doyle, which took place, with a wine reception, at the Birmingham Midland Institute.

I am enormously grateful to all those who attended, spoke, or helped out; the event wouldn’t have been the same without such a wonderful community of Pre-Raphaelite scholars and enthusiasts.

The Autumn issue of the Pre-Raphaelite Society Review will contain a number of papers from the conference; I’ll post on here when it’s available (not until December, probably!)



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